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Residents' Survey 2011

We are a group of residents and businesses who have come together to make our community better.  Our aim is to improve facilities and services for all the residents of Cray Valley.  We want to increase pride and well being, as well as support local businesses and communities. 

Our group, The Cray Village Community Forum, is made up of people with local knowledge, interest and passion and we want to involve everybody. 

In late 2011 our colleagues at SGS Spectrum went out and about to research into what people thought of the area where they lived and/or worked, and what they would like to see happen.
They knocked on doors, talked to residents and visited schools, businesses and community groups, They gathered information on how we can contribute to improving facilities and services for everyone.
We would like to thank everyone that took part in our survey and gave us the time to share their views. The results of this consultation have helped form the Cray Valley Community Panel which will administer the UK Government's Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund for our area.

The photo shows Gordon, Sally and Stephen of SGS Spectrum