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Ten Local Achievements

In his recent report to the Cray Village Community Forum, Councillor Chris Pierce identified the following list of ten achievements of the local community, towards improving the quality of life for those who live and work in the area.

1. Improved relationship with Bromley Council and local police – renewed willingness to engage, take action and attend meetings when invited, Ward Panel meetings etc.

2. Improved engagement with local businesses, churches and other wards – Nugent Shopping Park, Metro Bank, Cray Valley Benefice, CRA20TEN etc.

3. Improved willingness of local residents to attend community, police and local authority events – visibility outside the ward attracts commitment, funding, support etc.

4. Greater integration between the various local community groups – MOA between CVCF and CVIP, cross-attendance at meetings etc.

5. Formation of new residents associations and Friends Groups – Star Lane, Hockenden Lane, Friends of Poverest Park and Covet Wood etc. 

6. Successfully objected to a number of planning applications – illegal car washes, new flats, Vodaphone mast, Waste Transfer Station at Old Maidstone Road etc. 

7. Arranged for two week clear-up and restoration work in Riverside Gardens – organised directly by local residents with Bromley Council.

  Photo:Friends of Cray Valley http://friendsofcrayvalley.co.uk/ 

8. Croft Tea Rooms saved from closure and under new management – taken over by local resident.

9. New road named after John Blundell in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the local community. A new road sign, with dedication, is now installed off St Mary Cray High Street.

10. Road safety measures introduced – Hockenden Lane 30MPH limit, double yellow lines, junction improvements etc.

But...... collectively, there is still a lot more to do!

Chris Pierce, Chairman CVCF, 15th July 2015